Tuesday 22 March 2011

on the move again...

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We are going to stay with Jacqui AKA Mee A Bee for a couple of days, I'm thankful that the in-laws put us up as such short notice and feeding us like we are starving waifs, which we are not! They must be quite tired after being invaded by us, they usually have such a quiet life.
If eveything is looking OK up north we will go back on Thursday, if the reactor takes a turn for the worst we will come back here for a while.

It is quite frustrating not being able to do more, watching the images of Tohoku last night was heart-breaking but hearing the news of an 80 year old gran and her grandson being rescued yesterday was amazing, the gran looked so well too, she didn't look like she had been trapped in a house that had moved 100m in the quake! These oldies are so resilient. The TV also showed a report of the relief agencies getting supplies out, nappies by the truck load, one problem they were having is sorting the donations, some people had put in one of this and a couple of that which means each box needed to be sorted, time wasted. I know the donors heart was in the right place but it seems that sending a box full of one item is the way to go.

For me, it still seems so surreal, like I woke up from a really bad dream but then realising it wasn't a dream at all. Ebi-kun knows it is serious but he doesn't understand the ins and outs of it all, sometimes I think kids should be left in ignorance, I know he will get stressed out if we tried to explain it all to him, he does keep asking what the lastest bid is on his auction !

I have been wanting to do some round up posts for the auction but I can't figure out how to get the pictures using this computer, no point asking jii-chan, he only uses his for checking stocks and shares lol. I did have a look through some of the auctions/raffles on the master list yesterday (using my iphone) and noticed there were quite a few with only a couple of bids, so you have a good chance of winning! I don't like using paypal on my phone so I will be going and buying more tickets/bidding when I am sure I have a secure connection.

I have been adding new auctions each day, so check back and have a look!

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