Monday, 11 April 2011

3 down, 17 to go....

My next project was to make a fabric basket, under the computer desk is a a large paper bag with various bits and bobs that Ebi-kun needs for yochien. We just dump everything in the bag because at least then it is all in one place and I will know where to find it! Anyway, the bag is annoying and ugly so I decided to try a fabric bin, it is the first time I have made one and I used the instructions from Scandinavian Stitches.
 My plan was the have the cream as the outer fabric and the bright pattern as the lining but.... when I was quilting the layers together the machine started playing up, skipping stitches and what not. So I changed the needle but that didn't help so I thought I should have a look inside. Oh My Goodness, there was lint the size of a large hamster inside, no wonder it wasn't running properly! After a good clean and a test drive, she was running perfectly again. **Mental note to self, must clean machine more often.** Anyway, that meant that the stitching on the cream side isn't very nice so I decided to make that the lining instead.
I have finished a couple more projects, haven't taken the pictures yet, what projects are you working on?
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