Sunday, 24 April 2011

April Challenge 10 and 11....

I made a couple more pouches, I absolutely LOVE this turtle one, this fabric was a big seller in the shop and I saved some for myself, it is no longer available sadly. The cute starry ribbon is from paper-and-string.
Then, I thought I should make a more manly pouch, Ebi-kun has his eye on this one!
 9 more projects to go, actually 7 because I have two that I am waiting to share, moms birthday package hasn't arrived yet, grumble, grumble...


  1. I love, love, love it! Do you share a tutorial or pattern on this anywhere? I have a couple of fabrics that this would be perfect for, but I have no idea how to make something like this (I'm a pretty new seamstress)

  2. Pouch Envy!! *Swoon*!! Loving the 'manly' one.
    Em xx


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