Saturday, 30 April 2011

a forgotten picture...

Forgot to post this, I got the idea from Chasing Cheerios, we were one egg short for the egg hunt so I boiled one more and Ebi-kun wrote on it using crayons, the crayon melts as you write because the egg is still hot, I will have to remember this one for next year!


  1. I love Chasing Cheerios! She always has the best ideas.

    How do you do Montessori with your little one in school? I know I can't homeschool my daughter, but I really want to incorporate the Montessori philosophy around our house. Just not sure where to start...

  2. I kep meaning to answer your question but I think it will be that long I should do a whole post to it, hopefully this week...

  3. that should be keep, not kep!


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