Friday 29 April 2011

I don't do fish....

I hate fish, I don't eat it and I don't cook, in fact, it isn't allowed in the kitchen (unless I am out of the house, awful stinky stuff urgh!) so Ebi-kun was surprised when he asked what was for dinner and I said... 
fish, octopus, crab, and squid!
heehee - from the bottom konbu seaweed, sausage crabs, yellow pepper coral, sugar snap pea seaweed, sausage octopus, croquette potato fish, avocado squid and mini tomato air bubbles! Ebi-kun is back at yochien full time and it has worn him out, he came home shattered and so snuggled on the sofa with giraffe and watched Finding Nemo - hence the fishy inspiration.

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