Tuesday, 5 April 2011

ninja tin dinner

Watch out - there are ninja about....

 and they are likely to get in you dinner!

From the top...
ninja rice balls
cucumber sticks, takenoko sweets (bamboo root shapes sweets, cheese cake flavour!), avocado
tomato, ham and cheese swirls, tomato

I had planned something a bit more exciting but we went out for a walk, ran into friends and got in too late for me to start faffing around making things - next time...maybe.

New to muffin tin dinners and want to know more, pop over to the muffin tin mom.


  1. i love the ninja rice balls. so creative and of course yummy!

  2. That looks great! I love takenoko but kinoko no yama are my favourite and I will happily demolish a box in around 3 minutes flat! Emma :)

  3. Love the ninjas! What a yummy-looking meal!

  4. Cute ninjas! Looks like a yummy healthy meal.

  5. Wow, how did you make the ninja rice balls?? those are awesome!

    ~Rockabye Butterfly~

  6. This is sooo cool! It reminds me of a cute book that I read to my kids called "Wink, the ninja that wanted to be noticed." Such a fun meal! Great job!

  7. My son LOVES the ninjas and just asked me to make some!

  8. Those ninjas are adorable! What a healthy little meal!

  9. I love your ninjas! So cute!

  10. Rockabye Butterfly - next time I make rice balls I will try and remember to do a tutorial :o)

    SnoopyGirl - I will have to look up that book!

  11. I love the meal! The ninjas are super cute.

  12. Those ninjas are sooo cute! It's a very colorful lunch.


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