Monday, 9 May 2011

April Challenge - round up

Doing this challenge really helped getting back into a creative swing of things, I decided not to think of every project as some way to make money, which when you run a business like mine, a tendency of that seems to happen. There was no real pressure, no actual deadlines and I could enjoy the creative process for what it is. I surprised myself on how much I managed to get done and a lot of new ideas have come out of this little project.
I enjoyed making new items from the squillions of books I own, a good way to pick up new techniques or a different way of putting things together, I didn't make a massive dint in my stash but it is a start. I finally finished tidying the craft/guest room, we could actually get a guest in there now! I have sorted out a pile of things that have to go, I think I will do a bit of a garage sale on Facebook, I need to get photos of everything first.

I set myself the following rules.....

Everything has to be made from fabric I already own - yes, stuck to this one, the exception was curtain fabric but I hadn't included those in the challenge.
The only things I am allowed to buy are thread, cord, snaps etc. - almost, I found some of Melly's fabric in Nippori and just *had* to have some.
There must be at least 3 large items (to use up lots of fabric)- laundry bag, quilt and the bucket are all  biggish items.
At least 3 items are for gifts - the dresses, 2 bags, brooch
At least 3 use new to me patterns (from books I own) - the dresses from the Craft Hope book, the bucket from Scandinavian Stitches, the zipped pouch from a Japanese book.
1 item must be a treat for myself - The fish and a couple of pouches, was hoping to make a top, oh well.
3 items must be for the home - laundry bag, quilt, cushions, curtains
Some of the items are to go into the shop - pouches and at least one item to develop into a pattern.
and something to donate - item 20, the shoulder bag is for a charity project.

Pretty much did it all, 'pats self on the back'. Ebi-kun is back at yochien today, full days so this is my first full week since the quake (except I have to go to yochien on Thursday), so now I am all organised and ready to go, here's to a super-duper productive week...


  1. All beautiful! I love the fish!! But I love it all. Most impressed.

  2. Totally amazing. Good for you! How do you find the time and motivation? I'm in awe!


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