Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Homework and what to do with pretty string...

So, you remember the pretty string from yesterday's post, well this is what Ebi-kun did with it...

First I found a piece of scrap wood from out of the shed (at least I think it was scrap it is wasn't, oopsie, sorry hub!). Ebi-kun used a compass to draw a circle, then I showed him how to make equal markings around the edge.

He hammered in nails at all the marked points, it would have been better to do this at some kind of work bench but we don't have one, he struggled a bit getting the nails started so I had to help a bit there.

Once he had the first six done, he guestimated half way between each nail and put in more nails

And then again.

The first couple of patterns he tried he complained that the string was too boring hence the pretty string making, he tried several patterns before settling on this one.

He kept repeating the same pattern over and over but starting from a different point, he had to borrow a couple of my fingers to stop the string slipping off sometimes and finally he decided it was enough!

Obligatory close up of the pretty string

It reminds me of some string art things I had as a kid, shiny thread on a black background, like these, did anyone else do them?

So that is one piece of homework done!
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