Monday, 15 August 2011

I can eat a rainbow...

a rainbow inspired muffin tin dinner...

This is actually from last week, we have just got back from the in-laws and I haven't had chance to upload the pics yet. 

So, from 12 o'clock... 
red mini tomatoes
orange cheddar cheese
yellow mini tomatoes
green avocardo
pink parma ham
purple beetroot
blue blueberries
and white mascapone in the middle for dipping.

Ebi-kun had eaten half of it before he realised that I had colour coordinated the picks with the food!

This rainbow tin started lots of conversation about food and their colours, I love doing a weekly muffin tin meal, it is easy to throw together, Ebi-kun always demolishes the lot and it is a great way to introduce new foods (not that we have a problem with Ebi-kun and new food!) One of Ebi-kun's favourite things to do with his MTD if to combine foods that would not usually be served together. I often hear him muttering things like, 'ewww blueberry and ham is not a good combination' or 'hmmm beetroot and cheese is good together'

If you want to join in with the muffin tin fun, pop over to the muffin tin mom for the weekly linky.
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