Friday, 25 November 2011

A new gadget...

I bought a new ruler the other day, but it is a special ruler, there are holes in it so you can draw circles but that isn't why I bought it. I got it for the nifty staple section at the end. Hands up those who have gone to staple a booklet together and the stapler hasn't been long enough so then you have to try and roll up the booklet to fit it in or risk stapling the table? Well you would love this too and it was a lot cheaper than a long arm stapler, I think it was ¥200

With this, you slide your booklet in, you can use the markings they give for bigger booklets, mine was smaller though so I guestimated it.

Then staple away! simple. love it. I had printed off some colouring sheets from Patterns For Colouring and we took the booklet away at the weekend, the site had loads of patterns to colour, I had forgotten how relaxing just colouring in can be!

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