Tuesday, 8 November 2011

raining rainbows....

This experiment is so pretty and I am sorely tempted to have another go when Ebi-kun is at yochien! Very easy to set up, you need:

A glass contained, we used a vase
Shaving foam
food colour (we used Wilton gels mixed with water)
Spoons or dropped for the coloured water

Fill the glass container about 2/3s full then squirt a layer of shaving foam on the top, spread it out so it covers all the water.

Use a spoon or dropper and drop the coloured water onto the shaving foam. The shaving foam floats on the water but the coloured water will gradually soak through because it is denser than the shaving foam....

and when it does.... it looks like it is raining rainbows!

Be sure to look right under the shaving roam cloud, it is so, so pretty...

Very delicate and the colours seep through gently...

I had to wash out the vase so we could try again with a different set of colours and then, just for the heck of it we added some vinegar!

It even looked pretty from the top by the time we had finished.

What? you are still here? Go on, go get your shaving foam, you know you want to...

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