Monday 7 November 2011

a non eventful weekend....

Just about sums it up for here how about you?
Ebi-kun had yochien Saturday morning then footie in the afternoon, I was feeling a bit off so stayed home and had a nap! Sunday we went shopping to get Ebi-kun a new winter coast, there was no way I could squeeze him into last years coat (which was from the year before!) he also needed new shoes. As we were leaving the mall we popped into the recycle shop and they had some little suits - he will need one for graduation/opening ceremony, we found one that was a little big on him for ¥1600, bargain! Although he doesn't need it until March I bet if we go back closer to the time there will be non left, one less thing to worry about - unless he grows 12 inches and puts on 5 kilo's between now and then lol.

I went to bed early last night with a stinking headache and got up with one this morning, like I said, a non eventful weekend. Hope yours was more exciting!

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