Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Salt Art Part I

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I am really enjoying reading the entries, some are hysterical!

After being inspired by Motoi Yamamoto's salt installation that we saw in Hakone, Ebi-kun wanted to try his hand at his own salt art. This ended up being an all afternoon project so I have broken it down into three sections.

First we laid out a big piece of paper and we got out a bag of salt, we tried several methods to get the salt to pour nicely but we didn't find anything that worked well, this gave us both a deeper appreciation of Yamamoto-san's work, it really isn't as easy as it looks. Ebi-kun then raided the kitchen for tools to use to make patterns and designs.

I really liked this swirly blobby design, if we had more salt we could have filled the page with it. Sometimes when Ebi-kun is doing art or crafts I join in, other times I will leave him to work by himself or I will sit with him but work on something completely different. I don't want him to feel inhibited or to compare his work to mine. Working with the salt we both came up with different designs and methods, it was fun for us to share our ideas and techniques.

Tomorrow I will share 'how to set fire to salt' (luckily noticing in time and not burning the house down), dangerous stuff this installation art!
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