Wednesday 14 December 2011

Salt Art II

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Sorry, for those of you on the edge of your seat waiting for the 'how not to burn your house down' post, I had them muddled, that is tomorrows post! So, once ebi-kun had finished his installation art we decided to do some salt painting, we have done this before, there is a post here (and the pictures are a bit better since they weren't taken in the semi-dark).

This is great fun! I recommend using black or a dark coloured paper. First, using runny paper glue, (for those in Japan we use the yellow stuff that has a red lid), you need to work quickly and draw your design with the glue, just squiggles in our case. Then, before the glue dries sprinkle salt over the top and leave to dry.
Once it has dried, tip off the excess, now for the fun part.
Mix up your paints, this time we used acrylic but added a lot of water, last time we used watered down food colour or you could use watercolour paint. Dip you brush in the paint and gently touch it on the salt then watch the magic, the colour runs along the salt. It is fun to watch what happens when two colours collide, Ebi-kun was instigating colour wars and predicting the outcome.

Unfortunately, this artwork is not a keeper, the salt comes off So I recommend recording it with a photo and to prevent tears expalin beforehand that you won't be able to keep it.

Come back tomorrow for the post on how I nearly razed the town to the ground. OK, I am exaggerating, it really wasn't that exciting, you will understand tomorrow.


  1. This looks beautiful! What a wonderful technique!! Love it

    Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty.


  2. I love salt art painting! When I worked with preschoolers we would use technique to have them practice shapes and letters. It's hard to preserve it forever but if you want to keep it for a little while try spraying it with hairspray once it's dried.


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