Friday, 6 January 2012

Our Glass...

Remember before Christmas we went to Kawagoe to try our hand at glass blowing, well the glass arrived (actually 5 days later but I forgot to take pictures) so here they are, I made a jug using milky coloured glass and green, the colours are mixed into the plain glass and I chose the splodgy effect....

Ebi-kun picked blue and green glass and to do swirls, we actually both wanted to do the same colours and style so I picked the alternatives so we could see how both are done...

They are pretty cool, Ebi-kun used his to drink his 'champagne' out of at Christmas, I haven't used the jug yet, need to make something just so I can test it out.


  1. It's very beautiful. The colors are amazing.

  2. Oooh, both are great. I'd probably choose the same as Ebi-kun as well if I were doing it!


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