Thursday, 12 January 2012

Treasure Boat...

We have started working on our treasure boat for the lilla a and BIG Kids magazine exhibition, we would have got a bit further with it but yesterday Ebi-kun started reading a new Beast Quest book and refused to put it down, he read up to page 145!

Anyway, back to the treasure boats, we started off by brainstorming about treasure, first I asked him what he thought of when he thought of the world treasure, predictably it was gold, silver, rubies, your typical pirates loot.

Then I asked him about his treasure, I was amused to see that Lego and money rank above me and daddy! and giraffe (his stuffed toy that he takes to bed) was almost forgotten about.  Then finally I asked about the earths treasure and he added more items to the list. 

We are going to use a milk carton for the main part of the ship but I have no idea where this list is going to take us, we are exploring uncharted waters... I will keep you posted.

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