Friday 13 January 2012

The Darth Vader Quilt....

I couldn't show you this after I made it because it was a Christmas present for my husband, who is, of course a Star Wars fan. It was made in a bit of a mad rush, I had everything bought and planned then when he went to China on a business trip I put everything else aside so I could get it finished without him being any the wiser! I usually have half of my sewing/crafting things sprawled about the house, a secret crafter I am not.

I am not a skilled quilter so there is no way I could piece it together as a quilt top, well maybe I could but it certainly wouldn't have been finished for Christmas. So I googled a stencil shape, found one  I liked and put it into photoshop then added a 3x3 grid, (the grid was in proportion to A4 paper) then I printed off the page. If I had had more ink in the printer I would have printed it out enlarged onto 9 pages of A4 but I didn't want to risk running out of ink so I did it old school. Taped 9 pieces of A4 together in a 3x3 formation then sketched Darth using the printed sheet as a reference.

I used fusible web on the back of the black fabric, transferred the pattern pieces then cut them out. The next bit took me the longest, for some reason it took me about 2 hours to place all the pieces in just the right place on the graduated gray fabric. Eventually I was happy with it so I ironed it in place and appliqued the edges.

The rest is just basic quilting, added the black border, sandwiched the three layers together and quilted them, added the binding, washed the whole thing then hid it just in time so my husband didn't see it! *phew*


  1. That's amazing! I bet your husband loved it. I might have to show this to my brother, he's a huge Star Wars fan. This is seriously so good.


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