Thursday, 8 March 2012

and I present this medal to...

Ebi-kun will graduate from yochien this month and they make sure a big deal of it, there wasn't this much fuss when I graduated university! So, we have had several notes home asking us to prepare this, that and the other. One of the requests were for two medals with long ribbons to give to the head teacher and one for his sensei. Of course there was no explanation of what they were supposed to look like and I had NO idea.

So... I sent daddy-ebi and Ebi-kun down the road to his friends house to ask the mom since she has one kid that has already graduated and then I ask Eri-san to see what she said too and the above picture is what we came up with. I still have no idea if this is what they are supposed to be like but they will have to do!
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