Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm bored......good!

It is spring break here at the moment so a certain little boy needs to be kept occupied, or does he? 
I feel like there is so much pressure on parents to keep their children busy at all times, they need after school classes and activities to do for the time they haven't got classes, computer games and TV, so many ways to keep them entertained. Of course, with the internet there is an abundance of activities and projects for you to prepare for your little ones but how much do they actually need?

Let's rewind a bit, this is what set me off thinking about this... yesterday I had quite a bit of computer work to do so I started to feel a bit guilty for leaving Ebi-kun to his own devices, but you know what, he wasn't at all bothered. He spent most of the time building a Jedi temple with his blocks and Lego and making his own Star Wars - episode 7. 

A bit later in the day the new oven arrived and Ebi-kun couldn't wait for me to get the thing out so he could claim the box. I gave him the other card packaged pieces too, so he got busy, drew up a plan of what was going to attached where and made himself a fighter-ship-1, his friend came round to play so they took the fighter-ship-1 upstairs and it kept them amused for over an hour.

I started thinking about when I was a kid, back in those days, so very, very long ago, there were only 4 channels on the TV and kids programs had a limited time slot, so there was no sitting in front of the box all day, like it is so easy to do these days. If I ever dared to claim I was bored my mom would remind me that I could tidy my room (yeah right, I was never a that bored) or find something to do. 
Being creative and imaginative play was what I had, and I think this is often lost in this modern day of child rearing. Sometimes of course, me and my brothers would get into mischief but isn't that what kids are supposed to do? Mostly I remember making tents and dens with the bedsheets, re-enacting our favourite TV show of the time whether it be the A-team or The Fall Guy or making things using whatever we could find around the house.

So, is being bored a bad thing? 
I know many parents dread those magic words but really, I don't think so. A good dose of being bored can invite all kinds of creative ideas, pushing children to explore their mind and their environment, encouraging their creative side instead of being entertained in one way or the other. As an adult, being bored can also lead us to new things, that said, I never seem to have time to get bored, there is always something else on the to-do list to do!

Yes, Ebi-kun does watch TV and sometimes plays computer games but I keep a watchful eye on the amount of screen time and yes, I do organise lots of crafty activities or projects but I also keep his art area supplied with crafty goods so he can go and get creative whenever he likes and he has a good chunk of independent play each day. 

In a age where there is more and more pressure for us to raise well rounded children is keeping them entertained the whole time actually producing a well rounded child? I fear not, so forget all those boredom busting ideas/boredom jars and instead introduce.... 

Sit back and see what happens!

What do you think? Should children be allowed to get bored, I'd like to know your thoughts on the subject. Do you feel like you need to entertain your kids the whole time? let me know.

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