Thursday, 26 April 2012

Child Art Portfolio II

A couple of years ago I made a portfolio book with all of Ebi-kun's art work in it along with a few pictures of the artist at work. Doing this meant I could clear out some of the mountain of work without feeling guilty. When Ebi-kun finished yochien he came home with a big folder full of work and some of the pieces are on massive A0 sized pieces of paper, too big to hang on our walls!
Thanks to keeping the blog I tend to take pictures of all his work as he has finished them so I added the collection of work from the last three years to the massive pile of work from yochien and made a second portfolio book.

I used Blurb again, I actually use Blurb for all my photo books these days, I have tried several others sites but their software combined with the quality and price make Blurb my favourite site to use and if you sign up for their newsletter you often get discounts and offers.

So, I kept with the same style book as before, I like artwork displayed on plain black, I think it shows off the work better and is less distracting than a fancy background.

I included some of the things that have been made from his artwork too, like the Surfing Silver bracelets and added a bit of text about the story behind the Ninja Wendy bracelet.

A few pages show the work in progress, this was his fabric design for a Spoonflower competition, he started off with several dinosaur pictures, he picked his favourite and worked on the background. Once we had the fabric printed I made it into an art carrier for his birthday.

With the Blurb software it is easy to check if your image is the right size, if an image is too small it will print out blurred. There are also several layout options to choose from and you can edit them to suit yourself if you wish. If you want to make a quick book they also have an option where the software auto fills all the pages for you.

I love how the colours come out, the abstract pieces look like gallery works of art in a modern art museum, it also means we don't have to keep all the robots and sculptures he has made, we usually have them on display for a while, I take photos and then they get recycled.

And best of all, Ebi-kun loves looking through his book and showing it to friends. He often gets his first book out and will ask to paint with a specific method after remembering some of the work he had done previously.

PS. If you click any of the Blurb links you should get 15% off your order!
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