Thursday, 12 April 2012

A quick note...

A quick note on his outfit for those who are going through this next year. I hate wasting money and buying an expensive suit that will be worn once definitely falls into that category. We got the suit - shorts and jacket from Book Off, we have a big one nearby that sells everything! I bought it back in October, there was quite a selection, his looks like it has only been worn the once before and was less than ¥2000. 
I asked my mom to send a white school shirt from the UK, they are cheap there, £8 for a pack of three! The tie, Ebi-kun picked his favourite from the ¥100 shop, I chopped off the end and then re-stitched it so that it would be the right length. Then he has black socks and black shoes, the shoes a friend gave to us, her son had worn them once and we were lucky that they were just the right size!
All in all we did quite well with his suit, I doubt he will wear it again, I will hang on to it until he has out grown in, just in case and then sell it on.
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