Thursday, 31 May 2012

I hear that neon... all the rage these days, either that or I have been caught in a time warp and I'm back in the 80's. I do like this dress although I would look ridiculous in it! The bag I could pull off and the shoes are cute but I would probably break my neck trying to wear them. 

You are probably wonder what this sudden interest in high street fashion has got to with anything. Well I had the flag duty bag delivered to me yesterday.... Yes! I think I have this neon street fashion down! What do you think?

As I have talked about before, the kids walk to school in groups on a set route and along the way there are volunteers* placed in areas that the school deem dangerous, road crossing, big junctions and blind corners - which is where I was. All the families are assigned duty days, I think I have to do it 4 times during the course of the year. I have no idea if I was waving my flag correctly since 'flag waving lesson day' is next week, I think I will be giving that a miss. As the kids go past they have to say good morning and I have to do the same, gave some of them a shock seeing a non-Japanese face waving the flag!

*volunteer - in Japan they have a strange concept of the word volunteer, I think of a volunteer position as something you put yourself forward to do but here you often get assigned 'volunteer' duties whether you want to do it or not!

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