Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee decisions...

There are Union Jacks everywhere you look at the moment and the flag has been incorporated into all types of designs, so I thought we would have a little quiz, from each image which would you choose? 

Although I do like a nice cup of tea - I am British after all, summer is getting nearer and I can hear that Pimm's bottle calling to me.

I love the top cup cakes, I don't think I could bite into one of those little soldiers so it would have to be the bottom cake.

The boots are fab but I am not good in heels, the flats are a bit dull though, I would like glittery flats!

Practicality wins with bags, I carry a lot of shit around with me so it would have to be the bottom one.

The phone is super-cute but I just know the toilet seat would make me smile more often. I suppose we would have to get the Japanese flag on the second toilet in the house.

I can't drive so I am assuming I would have a chauffeur to go with the car, no contest really, has to be the Jaguar!

OK your turn...
All the images can be found on my Proud To Be British Pinterest board.

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