Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sometimes it is the simplest things...

The other day Ebi-kun and Daddy decided to get some warabi mochi, neither Ebi-kun nor I had tried it before, Ebi-kun loves trying new foods so he was all up for it. Warabi, I believe is a type of mountain vegetable (bracken) and somehow they make this chewy stuff from it. It is pretty tasteless on it's own so you add brown sugar syrup and ground sesame seeds to it. Let's just say that we won't be rushing out to buy it again, although daddy Ebi does like it.

But all was not lost, the tray was a pretty cool shape so I suggested turning it into a boat, next minute we had a sail and Ebi-kun went to hunt down a sailor but came back with a construction worker! He has played with it every night in the bath, so although the purchase of the mochi wasn't really worth it, we have got our moneys worth out of the tray.

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