Wednesday 6 June 2012

The Spanish Armada Inspired...

Ebi-kun has recently had his nose stuck in a Spanish Armada book, I'm not sure what it is that draws him so much into the book but he loves it. After making the ship from the food tray he decided he wanted a whole fleet of ships so he could re-create big ship battles in the bath!
Luckily, I didn't have a massive pile of food trays but what we do have is a bag full of PET bottle lids (they get recycled differently to the bottles). So we got to work....

First he picked out enough lids to make two fleets of matching colours, red vs white. Then using the glue gun, he squirted in the glue and I held the toothpick in place. I think a child would find this difficult to do alone but an adult can manage it. After testing the first couple of boats we decided that the 'mast' in the middle of the boat wasn't very stable and if the mast was on the side the boat tipped. So, I asked Ebi-kun what we should do to solve the problem and he suggested adding another blob of glue on the opposite side of the mask - works a treat.

We finished off by making mini sails from sticky tape.

And, off to battle they went, apparently there was only one white ship left after the battle, the rest sank!

Fun for free! Can't complain about that.

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