Friday, 15 June 2012

The worries of a 6 year old....

Do we have seven candles for my birthday cake?

It's not his birthday until the end of July but I suppose one should start worrying about it now!

We usually have some sort of themed party, we have had safari (1), trains (2), dinosaurs (3) football (4), knights  (5) ninja (6) so what will be for his seventh? Star Wars has been mentioned so I have been gathering inspiration over on my Star Wars pinterest board....

I won't be showing Ebi-kun this or he will be wanting me to make him one!

Ebi-kun would LOVE one of these pool toys - not sure where you can buy them though.

These printable masks would be great at a party

This is pretty neat a paper AT-AT, but I for one, would not have the patience to make it.

and one to make you smile...

But is 6 weeks or so until the big day, the theme may have changed several times by then!

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