Sunday, 15 July 2012

Full tour dates...

I want to say a BIG, BIG thank you to everyone who took part in this, it has been great fun to see where everyone lives. It had given me itchy feet and I would love to pop over and meet everyone in real life. 
If you missed a few of the dates here is the complete list and if you joined in but you were not listed in the original tour dates leave me a comment with the link to your post and I will add it to the list.

jojoebi-designs - Saitama, Japan

akatsuki ra-ra-ra - California, USA
little red farm - Sweden
Knitty Lorn - East Devon, UK
We Don't Need No Education - Michigan, U.S.A
Jeollanam-do Salad - South Korea
Merita's Playground - Slovenia
kids, craft and chaos - Scotland, UK
Se7en - South Africa
Monkey Magic - Japan
The Pukeko Patch - Wellington, New Zealand
Cami Daily - Berlin, Germany
Crazy Cambridge mum - Cambridge, UK

Schaeresteipapier - Switzerland 
Journey to Morocco - Casablanca, Morocco

Did you enjoy the tour? If so, let me know in the comments section and tell me what you found so exciting/interesting/surprising!

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  1. I LOVED the Neighbourbood Tour. Brilliant idea. Fascinating to see where other people live and what their surroundings are like. I loved the mailboxes - these seemed quite insightful ...if a postbox can be called insightful!! Also the local playground gave a feel of the area. I also was unaware of just how many people blog...introduced me to a whole new world of blogging. How does everyone find the time!! Thanks to all the tour participants who took the time to take photos of their neighbourhood. If I ever start a blog, I'll be on tour next time :)


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