Wednesday, 4 July 2012

wibble wobble wibble wobble

jelly on my spoon...

I almost forgot about this. I saw this on pinterest, (click through to get the recipe) looks very pretty, perfect for a potluck party I thought...

Well, mine didn't look like the above at all! Getting coloured jelly was the first hurdle and my husband ended up having to stop off at the foreign food store but then they only had red and purple in real jelly (with gelatin) and yellow, orange and green in the kombu jelly which is probably healthier but not as colorful, in fact you can hardly tell the difference between the yellow and green in the bottom picture. My attempt was definitely on the sloppy side, it did go down well so not all was lot, not sure if I will bother making it again though.

Do you have a favourite dish to take to pot luck parties? let me know below..

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