Sunday, 20 January 2013

Our UK Top Ten & photos by Ebi-kun

Ebi-kun's top 10

1. Tower Of London
2. London Eye
3. Staying with Nana and Papie
4. Going on the steam train and seeing Santa
5. Ice-skating and Santa's Grotto
6. Eating loads of food like...Muller Corner Yoghurts, Christmas dinner, Chinese take-away, Spicy Mexican
7. Meeting Max & Cassie, Declan, Mia and Jasper, Carmen & Frank, George & Iris and RYLAND.
8. Vertical drop slides
9. Pantomime (Cinderella)
10. Saw a badger and fed a squirrel

I would say that my top 10 is very similar but would add in catching up with lots of old friends, rocking it out to The Wonder Stuff and relaxing with relatives is up there too.

If you remember, Ebi-kun got a camera before Christmas, so I thought i would share some of the pictures he took....

I have singled this one out because I love how he has framed the picture, I feel it really captures the moment and could see it in some kind of exhibit on life. Very deep :)

The rest I picked because I find them amusing, it was interesting to see what he was drawn to taking photographs of, I set the camera on auto for the sake of ease but we plan to work through the manual and try out and learn the different functions, I am thinking of setting him a project for each one.

 Probably because he is a lot shorter than me, I really like the angle these are taken at, a little reminder to myself to get down low occasionally. The one of my mom and the clown is fab.

 I think this is a lovely shot of Nana and Papie and the shot below is a of a ghost skateboarder, looks for the skateboard (bottom right) and you can just make out the figure of a ghost. Turns out that this is the exact spot where a teenager was gunned down by a rival gang 20 years ago and on the eve of his death you can see him skateboarding*

*Sorry, I totally made that up :)

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