Friday, 15 February 2013

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals Challenge #4

This is round three of the J.O. vs Jo 15 minutes smack down, I am testing Jamie Oliver's recipes for his new 15 minute meals book. If you are playing along, leave a comment with your blog post link or just talk us through it in the comments section.

Recipe #4 Falafel Wraps, Grilled Veg & Salsa pg 226

Sourcing the ingredients:
Harissa was bought through kenko
Everything else was bought at the supermarket or Yamaya.

I used regular white tortillas because they are the only ones I can buy.
I also used mixed salad leaves instead of coriander.

Ready, steady, cook...

Again, I had food processor issues, mine not being big enough! Apart from that it was really easy to follow and came together quickly. I should have made 8 falafel but only did 6 so they took a wee bit longer to cook, I have no doubt I can do this in 15 minutes next time, I was soooo close first time round! I also need to remember to get the table top grill heated up high before I start. 

J.O.'s time 15 minutes
Jo's time 17 minutes
Family opinion - Ebi-kun 9/10
                           Daddy 9/10
                           Me 9/10 

It was really tasty and all got demolished, I'll be making this one again for sure.

Notes to self:
Buy a bigger food processor!

I would love to make this a community post so if you are joining please comment below, if you have landed here from a facebook group, I would love it if you could add your comments here rather than facebook so that everyone can read your feedback. If you have blogged about one of the 15 minute or 30 minute recipes then feel free to leave the link to the actual post and remember to say which recipe you used in the comment.

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I have also started a pinterest board for my photos for the challenge, it you are a fellow pinterest addict and would like to contribute to the board, let me know and leave your pinterest name in the comments.

That wraps up round three, pop back next week for round five...

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