Thursday 14 February 2013

Unprompted Love (not a valentines post!)

There is something special about being given great feedback about your work especially if that feedback was totally unprompted. For the My Organized Chaos e-course, we have a facebook group, it is actually my favourite part of the course, everyone is very open and share their breakthroughs, annoyances and frustrations. Everyone helps each other out, gives suggestions and shares great tips and ideas. It is a lovely community and I am honoured to have so many wonderful women in it.

If you have been wondering whether the program is right for you, then have a read through these posts, written by real moms doing the course and the way the course has helped and changed their family situations...

Reading through all the posts and feedback makes me realise that changing direction with my business was the right choice and that by helping these moms, I am also helping their families and the future generation! The new course kicks off Monday the 18th of Feb, I would LOVE to see you there. Want to know more? Click HERE

If you loved this and want more fun tips & tricks, 
parenting help and generally cool stuff & freebies then…

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