Friday, 22 February 2013

Our valentines meal

Better late than never! Ebi-kun and I had a cooking session on Valentines day, we made pasta from scratch and a red velvet layer cake. Ebi-kun got some little sweetie packages from a couple of the girls on the street - they are not allowed to dish them out at school.

I decided to go wild and instead of chocolate, I got him a papaya! He has been pestering for one for weeks, just because it is something he hasn't tried fresh - I don't buy them because they are expensive! he was very excited with his non chocolaty pressie!

The pasta was OK, we made spinach & ricotta ravioli but then has some pasta left over so we made that in to tagliatelle, Yum!

 Then the red velvet layer cake... I covered it with cream cheese frosting the spayed it with gold spray - something I picked up when I was at home. The kitchen lighting plays havoc with the colours but you can get a general idea...

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