Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pinterest Love - for the home

I have recently been working through Denise Duffield-Thomas's Lucky Bitch Bootcamp and one of the interesting things that came up is the concept of upgrading things in your life. I have a pinterest board with some lovely things for the home, I am sending out vibes to invite some of these to come and live in my home...

I love Joseph Joseph goods, clever and pretty! To be honest, I wouldn't say no to any of the things on their website.

We don't have a patio set, just the camping table, which admittedly, isn't very comfortable, it would be lovely to upgrade to something like this.... Our yard is round and I can see this with some comfy cushions and a shade of course.

Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest

What is there not to love about these super-cute whisks? Better than my ¥100 metal one :)

Since becoming a Jamie Oliver addict, I have started serving food on a board, I would love to have something a bit more stylish than the one we have got. 

And cake stands, totally impractical and take up loads of space unless it is a foldable one, and if you are going for foldable, Alessi has to be the best one on the market.

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

So, now your turn - if there is one thing you could upgrade in your home (taking money is no object) what would it be, it can be something small like a can opener or maybe something bigger like a new sofa. be specific :)
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