Monday, 22 April 2013

Did you hear the news?

That Google will be closing down the RSS reader in July. Now, I know some of you reading this will be thinking "closing what?" and so, you are cool and have nothing to worry about. The rest of us are thinking "Agggghhhh How the heck am I going to read my blog posts now?"

The good news is that there are alternatives, after my initial panic attack on twitter, someone pointed me towards Feedly. I had a poke around and they have a simple set up so you can transfer all your blogs and info from your Google RSS reader over to Feedly.

One of the things I do like is the clean look and the ability to change the layout, I haven't spent that much time working the ins and outs yet but at least I know I can still go and have a blog reading catch up whenever I like.

So, do you read your blogs through a reader? Have you switched over yet? Found anything cool with feedly you would like to share, leave me a comment :)

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