Tuesday 23 April 2013

Just me and the boy...

My husband has to work one Saturday every month. I used to hate this as I felt it cut into our family time, now Ebi-kun is at school I actually like it. Now I see it as special 1:1 time together and we can do the things that daddy isn't especially interested in.

What is also cool is that now I have a monthly meeting with the b-school babes in Tokyo, Ebi-kun and daddy get a full day together 1:1 too. Win - win all round.

Usually on a daddy day they go to football training then have lunch together and then head home and hang out, I often come home to Lego everywhere.

When it is a mommy and Ebi-kun day I will have a project ready or we will go out somewhere. This last weekend, the weather was miserable but we still had a fun filled day. We started off by making cakes for a magazine article...

Then we read about Monet, had lunch. Painted like Monet, watched Star Wars, read some books, danced like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, played on the wii and had dinner. Fun day! Do you have 'dates' with your kids? What do you usually do?

And for your dancing pleasure - one of the best live bands I have ever seen. And from Boston, which of course was relevant after the horrible events from last week....

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  1. Fun Bosstones.
    I just checked out three CD's from the library to see what else they do.


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