Monday, 28 October 2013

Seasonal Snacks

One thing Japan does really well is seasonal snacks! Not only have the produced every flavour of Kit-Kat you can imagine of but they have other seasonal snacks pop up too. Autumn is a season of yummy food, mushrooms, pumpkins, chestnuts and sweet potatoes. Which leads us onto this...
Takenoko cookie, takenoko is bamboo shoot, so this is a cookie snack shaped like a bamboo shoot, they are usually topped with milk chocolate but the seasonal variant is sweet potato flavoured chocolate and black sesame seed cookie....

I wasn't fussed on them but Ebi-kun and Daddy liked them. I would love to know how they come up with such ideas, my theories are..
A) they ask a bunch of kindergartener to invent some new flavours or
B) they get everyone drunk, leave them in a room with random items and see which ones they come up with to make a tasty snack!

It's not just snacks that get a seasonal makeover, beer does to and Kirin's autumn brew is my all time favourite, I will be picking some up next supermarket run!

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