Saturday, 14 March 2015

A little bit of sewing...

You know when you get that itch, that itch to change something? Well, I've had that itch for a couple of months and the curtains in the living room had got to go! the only problem was, I needed to find some suitable fabric to replace them with. When we decorated the house I chose these drapes? rather than curtains because I thought it would be easier to switch them up when I got bored!

I finally found something I like from a Swedish designer, funny how the colours are very similar to my new branding! I must have teal and gold on the brain.

So now I have the curtains done, I want to change the sofa cover, there is no way I'm going to tackle that job though, far too much work, a trip to Ikea might be in order soon, there is a lovely grey cover that I have my eye on!

And I also whipped up a couple of cushion covers, I love this Echino print with the geekie stag and the hedgehogs was the last piece of that fabric, it's beautifully soft linen and one of my favourites from when I sold fabric in the shop.

I need to set a sewing time for each week, I rarely get the chance to sew these days - maybe because before sewing was work so I could easily get away with knocking up the odd toy/cushion/doll/bag or whatever!

Have you stitched up anything new recently?

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