Sunday 3 June 2007

New Equipment

I ordered some Montessori equipment from IFIT, although I had some problems with PayPal, Jenny was very patient and the order arrived within days. So we are now proud owners of the cylinder blocks, BabyEbi has already started using them; the Pink Tower; Metal Insets and a flower puzzle which he is also into at the moment.
All the equipment is beautifully made and cheap too - it was cheaper to buy it from Canada and pay for the shipping than it would have been to buy here. And if anyone is stuck for birthday present ideas for BabyEbi, I am sure he would love some more of their puzzles, parts of the frog, bird, horse, leaf etc. I haven't worked out how to add links in this bit yet but the IFIT link can be found in the panel in the sidebar under Montessori.

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