Friday 8 June 2007

Bento's - gotta love them

Yes, if there is one thing that I like about Japanese cooking, it is bento boxes. Especially the cute kids ones. So, once BabyEbi was big enough to have his own bento I kitted myself out with all the necessary items, nori punches, a variety of cutters, that sprinklie stuff you put in the rice to make it a pretty colour, little paper cases for keeping food separate, yes, I have it all. I also got myself a couple of bento books, not that I can read the recipes but I can pretty much work out what everything is from the photos. Of course, having all the equipment and ingredients is one thing, plenty of time to create a cool bento is also needed, a cheese buttie, apple and a bag of crisps is SO much quicker, but sadly not as satisfying to make.
Here are a couple of my previous bento attempts...

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