Friday 13 July 2007

Mystery Bag

I am trying to do mini projects at the moment, just small things that take an hour or so to make/put together.

So, last night I made a mystery bag, I used to use one when I was teaching so from experience I decided to make the top elasticated which, will hopefully stop the object being pulled out before it has been identified (and stop cheeky older kids from cheating which was always a problem with team games).

It actually takes me longer to get the sewing machine out and set it up than it does to make the thing! I am hoping I can steal a corner in the new house to set up a crafting area.
BabyEbi loved the bag, we sat with it for nearly an hour, I had to keep going and finding more mystery objects to go in it.

What you need to play the Mystery Bag Game

A bag
several objects of different shapes, sized and textures.

To play, one of you puts a secret object into the bag. The guesser then puts their hand into the bag without looking and feels the object and tries to guess what is inside.

Model descriptive vocabulary...

"It's smooth, one end is spikey, it's cold... it feels like a hedgehog..."

This will help your child to learn how to describe things too.

Take it in turns and the great thing is this can be played with any age, get the grandparents and big brothers and sister playing too!

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