Saturday 14 July 2007

Smelling Bottles

This was quite an easy one to do. I actually bought 12 bottles, 6 pink, 6 blue but only made up 3 pairs to start with.
In each bottle I put a cotton wool ball then added a couple of drops of essential oil - real essential oils, not those nasty chemical ones, heaven knows what are in them and I don't really want my child snorting dodgy chemicals.
So we have a peppermint pair (one is a pink bottle on in a blue one), lemon pair and a tea-tree pair. For a control of error, so the child can check for himself if he is right or not, I put stickers on the bottom. The idea is that the child smells the first pink bottle and then tries to match it to one of the blue ones. BabyEbi didn't quite get the concept yet. His reaction to the lemon one was "nice", the peppermint "hmmm" and the tea-tree he screwed up his face, pushed the bottle away and said "NO". hahahaha.
I don't have any other essential oils so I am thinking of using baking essence when he is ready to have more scents added.

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