Monday 20 August 2007

The Big Day

For the house is tomorrow, it is final inspection day, I hope everything is OK, fingers crossed.
We had a major trip to Ikea yesterday, the journey there wasn't as bad as last time, since we managed to miss the 2 hour jam this time. I was pretty organised and had everything listed for what we wanted, we just needed to find it and write down the location numbers. We still needed to test the mattresses and decide on a bed for Babyebi - the custom bed we wanted to get made was way out of our budget so we will customise an Ikea one instead.
Everything went a bit pear-shaped when we got to the curtain section because I wanted too look at the rails before deciding so I am pretty sure I have cocked up somewhere and we didn't get all the lamps/lights we needed. By the time we got there, we were all tired and fed up. We actually left at 6.30pm (arrived at 9.30am), a very long day for all of us, especially a little 2 year old, he slept as soon as we got in the car and was still sparked out when we got home, so I put him in his futon as he was. He woke up this morning and asked where his PJ's were!
BabyEbi's room is going to be cool, I wanted to paint a mural on the walls but there was such a hoo-haa about putting paint on the inside walls, lack of paint for starters then I was told that it wouldn't let the walls breath so it would all go mouldy. Since the construction of the houses are so different here I didn't want to find out the hard way if it was true so I decided to give up on the idea and instead got some giant wall stickers.
The plan is to make him feel really good about his room so that he will be happy to sleep in their alone (we all co-sleep at the moment). A big step, but I think that now he is two and we are moving to a new place, it is a good opportunity to move him into his own room.
So, keep your fngers crossed that the builders haven't got something drastically wrong and I will post some pics tomorrow....

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