Tuesday 21 August 2007

The Blue and White House

(They hadn't taken the packing off the handle yet)
Yes, the house is done, there were no problems so it's full steam ahead now....
We don't have much money so we decided to have a basic box house, as they are the cheapest to build so that we could spend more on things like solar panels, a decent kitchen and bath. It is very open plan and we designed it so that BabyEbi's room and the spare/craft/office room open up into one room so that we can work/play together or close it off if someone wants some privacy.
Anyway, pictures speak louder than works so here you are....
The outside bit hasn't been done yet, this is looking at the South wall

Walking into the LDK.

Looking at the kitchen from the dining area

The blue bath

BabyEbi's room (with the cute round window)

BabyEbi's and the spare room opened up

Mommy and Daddy Ebi's room and walk in closet

The PINK loo


  1. Jo, it looks amazing, I can't believe how quickly it's gone up.
    In the UK, you'd still be waiting for planning permission, parts to arrive or the builders to come back from their extended tea break!!

    Love the bath and the idea of a room that can be opened up - cool

    Where's the veggie patch??

  2. veggie patch -ermmm, when my veggie expert comes over to set one up we will have one. Or can you do on-line idiot proof veggie growing? you know what I am like with plants!

  3. It looks fab! So much bigger than you flat.

    The pink loo,blue bath and cute window in Babyebi's room are very "Jo" details.

    Paul and I are currently obsessed with moving to a house with a garden for when G finds his feet.

  4. How exciting, Jo! It looks fabulous. And your own craft room? How great it that!

  5. How exciting :) I love the blue bath and pink loo... and the round window is great for BabyEbi :)

    If you want to learn more for the veggie patch, you can always look up my garden blog ;)

  6. Jo it looks lovely. Very nautical. And so clean and new. I can't wait to see it in person.


  7. You must be very excited! The house is beautiful, and I LOVE the blue bathtub!! The round window is very cute too, and your kitchen is divine!


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