Friday 10 August 2007

Daddy Ebi

Daddy Ebi is away at the moment, a business trip in Thailand - alright for some!
The day he left BabyEbi drew a picture on his Magnadraw and announced it was "daddy". Daddy does actually have a bit more hair than that but it was a pretty good picture anyway.
I messed around on photoshop and coloured it in with him, here is the original

And the colour version, I love it and BabyEbi does too, can't wait to show Daddy Ebi when he gets back.

We have just done a couple more, BabyEbi picks the colours and tells me where to fill - what a team!
He is not sure what this is and I can't remember what he said when he drew it.

This is a car, as if you need telling!

and the goldfish from the Eric Carle book Brown Bear.

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