Tuesday 7 August 2007

Everything going to plan...

Well, almost. We went to see the house again at the weekend. Thye have fitted the inside doors and are putting up wallpaper. They had found a crack in a frame in one of the upstairs rooms so they had to order a new part and so that has set them back 2 days. Our bedroom is decorated and so is the shocking pink loo! It looks like we will have the final inspection on the 21st of Aug and we are hoping to move in on the 3rd of Sept. That gives me just one week to try and get everything sorted before me and BabyEbi fly back to the UK for almost a month. Poor BabyEbi won't know if he is coming or going! I am flat out this week with things to do, I need to get BabyEbi's travel pack for the plane organised - exciting things to keep him amused, I hope. Plus I have some special things to make for my best mates hen party and they all need to be done before this weekend. Then at the weekend hubby comes home from Thailand and we have removal men coming to give us quotes then Monday we are off to see a man about a bed! (for BabyEbi, we want one custom built).
So, tonight I have a hot date with the laminator, I made BabyEbi some a, b, c cards to to travel with......

I will fold them over so that the letter is on the back and I tried to find some animals he doesn't already know.


  1. hi! i have only recently come across yr blog and am so impressed by the things u do. You have been a great inspiration. I like your abc cards. Do you by any chance still have the files for these pictures?

  2. hi! I love yr blog! and u are a great inspiration. Do you by any chance have the files of these abc animal pictures?

  3. hmm I have had a look and i can't find them, it was a ong time ago, I am pretty sure I just used google images to find the pictures I was after.

  4. thank u so much. have a good holiday ahead!


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