Thursday 30 August 2007

kawaii !!

kawaii = cute in Japanese
We went shopping yesterday for some last minute bits and bobs and I spotted this super cute little shirt dino print for a bargain price of ¥199 ($1.70/85p). When I got it home I decided to jazz it up a bit so I swapped the boring brown buttons for little bones - sadly my dino buttons were too big and I made some leaves to stick in the pocket. BabyEbi loves it already and he hasn't even worn it yet.

We also found some kawaii PJ's, I picked out the ones that were the right size then asked him to choose the ones he wanted, the boy has good taste, just looked at the ones he picked, how cute are those bears AND the English actually makes sense.

The bottom are "monkey pants" which means they have a section sewn into the bum, super cute, here is the little man sleeping like an angel.

a few more cute monkey pants....

"It wasn't me"

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