Friday 17 August 2007

mini touch boards

I found these mini cheese boards on sale in the craft store. They are about 9cm x 5cm and there were 6 in the pack. I stuck sandpaper (3 different grades) on them to make matching pairs. Then put matching coloured stickers on the back as a control of error. Sadly some of the glue soaked through the sandpaper. They fit perfectly in this little Cambodian basket, a cute little addition to the shelf.


  1. Great idea! These worked very well. Try to add 3 more if you can to make a set of six. Also, the first touch boards have strips of sandpaper so that you can teach "rough" "smooth" as he uses two fingers to trace top to bottom the strip, the board (no strip) the strip, the board etc. The second touch board has several different grades of sandpaper from smoothest to roughest, language: "rough" "rougher" "rougher" "rougher" "roughest". Then we show the touch tablets (that you made). Always have him use the tips of his fingers to gently go from top to bottom. We also have the children "sensitize" their fingers with warm water and a towel before feeling these. He can also use a blindfold to match these. Great job!

  2. Thanks! I already made the first set of touch boards, like you described, unfortunatly they only had 1 pack of these mini cheese boards, they are easy for him to use though because he holds the handle part when he traces down the board. I was bummed that the glue soaked through, spoils them a bit.


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