Thursday 16 August 2007

paper plates

So what is so special about this slightly battered old paper plate? It is signed by Green Day, we had been to see them in Sheffield and my mate managed to blag backstage and then do the rest of the tour with them, I HAD to go back to sunny Bradford to work (I was at uni there at the time) anyway, my mate got the guys to sign the plate for me, stuck a stamp on it and sent it like a postcard!

I found it when I started packing, yes, the time has come and we (I) have started packing. Of course the day I start happened to be the hottest day since 1928, the apartment was SO hot. We don't have aircon in the back room either, hellish.
Whilst packing I realised a few things
1. I am a penaholic, I have a stupid amount of pens, every colour and type imaginable.
2. I am terrible horder of things that "might be useful someday", all kinds of things, boxes, scraps of ribbon, unusual shaped packaging etc.
3. I have too much crafty stuff (well, I would say that one can never have enough crafty stuff but hubby disagrees)
4. I have a habit of buying Japanese study books but never get further than the first chapter - might explain my terrible Japanese!

Well, it's back to the packing for me.....

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