Saturday 25 August 2007


I was washing up this morning and BabyEbi was busy in the corner, suddenly he started shouting "look urangutan, look urangutan". I thought he was reading abook but when I went round to see what he was shouting at he had draw this....

Looks very much like this guy

So I took a photo, since pictures don't keep on a magnetic drawing board, then this afternoon I dropped it into photoshop, traced round the picture in black, deleted the original then we used the paint bucket and filled it in, very easy and very cute results.

Hmm, and I wonder why the packing is going so slowly, I am SO easily distracted, hubby is working in osaka for a couple of days so at least I can get a bit more done in the evenings. (no dinner to cook) And on that note, I am off to make a list - I am a terrible list maker, I can't function unless I have at least one list on the go, often I have a list and sublists, now where did I put the box of pens?

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