Friday 21 September 2007

Monkey Forest

It turned out to be a lovely day yesterday so we went to the Monkey Forest which is about 45 mins drive away. It is fantastic, the monkeys are free to roam and play in the trees, there are no cages so you can see them like they would be in the wild. BabyEbi loved it we got within a couple of feet of some of the monkeys. There are members on staff at the ready to answer any questions or to make sure that the public don't disturb the monkeys, although they come very close you are not allowed to touch them. After the monkeys we went just down the road to Trentham retail park where there are some lovely little shops and cafes, so we had a nice lunch and a wander around the shops, a lovely day out. We have a busy weekend planned, off to see my brother and his family in Liverpool Saturday and I am hoping we can drop by one of my best mates whilst we are in the area then Sunday we have a big family lunch at my aunt & uncles. Monday, best mate and bride to be is popping up for the day and we are off out for a nice meal in the evening we haven't organised the rest of the week yet.

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